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Barberry Saffron Rice

3 cups basmati rice or other good quality long grain white rice
3 tablespoon salt
Oil for tah-deeg
2 1/2 litres water
2 tablespoon saffron dissolved
1 cup zereshk
3 Table spoon Oil or Butter
3-4 Tablespoon sugar
  1. Follow the recipe for Rice - Chelo and parboil the rice. 
  2. Heat a non-stick or heavy-based pot.  Add enough oil to cover the base. Pour little rice mixed with saffron into the pot and spread to cover the base. 
  3. Half the remaining rice.  Mix one half  with cooked zereshk and 2 teaspoon dissolved saffron.
  4. Place a  layer of plain rice in the pot followed  by a  layer of mixed zereshk saffron rice. continue layering until its finished.  
  5. Use the end of a wooden spoon and lightly push it few times into the rice, about 2-3 cm deep to make wells to trap steam. Cover the inside of the lid with a tea towel or two layers of paper towel. Place the lid on firmly.
  6. Cook for further 30 minutes on low heat. 
  7. Remove the lid, put a serving platter on the top of the pot and turn the pot upside down to remove the rice completely into the platter or spoon the rice out carefully not to disturb the tah-deeg, then break the tah-deeg and arrange it around the rice or in a separate plate. Serve with roasted or grilled chicken or meat, and accompanied by salad.